Silicone Sponge VS. Beauty Blender


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Once again, I’m a little late to this craze. When I spotted a two pack of silicone sponges in Primark for just £2, I was slightly hesitant, but thought I may as well test it out and I wanted to share my experience with you guys!

There are defiantly pros and cons on both sides, so I can see why people may love or hate it. It doesn’t have the almost immediate blended look of a beauty blender and I think this may put people off using it initially, but eventually it does blend out. There is also a different technique to it that, for me, would take some getting used too. As you can imagine, the silicone sponge is super easy to clean! The foundation that I was using literally glides straight off it which means that it probably wouldn’t need to be replaced as regularly as a beauty blender.

The best feature of the silicone sponge is that it doesn’t soak up any of the make-up that you’re using. I was really surprised at how little product I actually needed compared to how much I would normally use. I would definitely recommend the silicone sponge if you’re using an expensive or designer foundation because it would make it last at least twice as long! However, I would say that the silicone sponge is more of a money saver than a beauty blender. Although, the sponge itself is much cheaper compared to a two pack of Real Techniques beauty blenders (£9.99), overall it looked more caked on than blended which was surprising because I used much less make-up. Also, without the pointed tip and flat edge it was really difficult to cover my blemishes and apply foundation on the hard to reach creases of my face, like around my nose and eyes.

In theory, the silicone sponge is a great idea, but in practice I think it needs to go back to the drawing board for some perfecting before I’d be prepared to throw out my beauty blenders!

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Lottie x



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